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WE call. WE qualify. WE appoint. YOU sell

Xpand UnLimited is the creation of telemarketing expert Jazz Dhillon. Our core mission is to deliver the hottest sales appointments in the UK for clients by employing the best sales appointment setters on the market. All staff work to Xpand UnLimited’s strict code of conduct and are trained using the most up-to-date telemarketing and sales techniques. This ensures we get past gatekeepers and deliver full BANT (budget, authority, need and timescale) appointments, helping our clients achieve bottom line results.

How it works

Set clear objectives and ROI measures

We visit your offices and establish your goals, targets and the overall purpose for your campaign. This ensures both parties are in tune and we know exactly what is expected.

Set up and training

Prior to making any calls we find out your company’s core values, unique selling points, opportunity criteria and your product hooks. From this we create a loose script, train our staff and make test calls amending your pitch for optimum results.

Contact database

The more accurate the list, the quicker we can deliver your desired results. We can work with your existing database, cleanse an old one or purchase a new one on your behalf.

Identify, engage & build a relationship with the right contact

Through hard work, persistence and business expertise we identify and qualify the correct contacts.

Convert to Appointment

Once we have qualified the prospect we book a meeting for you.

Contact us today on 0118 321 4304.

Jazz Dhillon

Jazz Dhillon - Founder and Director of Service Delivery

Founder and Director of Service Delivery

"Need more sales appointments? Maybe we can help. We have the time, technology and most importantly we have the talent".

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"Finally - all our sales appointment setting problems solved."

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